Easter Moon Films and Composite Films present


A short film by Fabrice Joubert


A fictitious school shooting told from the point of view of a gym teacher and his 3rd graders.


On the floor of an elementary school gymnasium, Michael is lying on his back with his fellow third graders.

It’s wind-down time. The gym teacher is counting slowly when he’s interrupted by a detonation outside. Michael recognizes the sound. It’s a gun.

The gym teacher rushes the children into his office, fitting them all under a large parachute.

As the shooter enters the gymnasium, Michael sneaks out and quickly realizes that he knows the man.  

SAFETY is a film adaptation of the 2015 acclaimed short story written by Lydia Fitzpatrick.


THE Filmmakers

Fabrice Joubert

Producer / Writer / Director

Fabrice Joubert is an award-winning French writer/director who comes from the animation world. He grew up in Paris where he graduated from the Gobelins Animation School after majoring in film studies at the Sorbonne University. He started his career in Los Angeles as an animator and storyboard artist before going into writing and directing films. He was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for his animated short film "French Roast". "Safety" is his first live action film.

Lydia Fitzpatrick

Author (screenplay based on)

Lydia Fitzpatrick was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University from 2012-2014. She received an M.F.A. from the University of Michigan, where she was a Hopwood Award winner, and she was the 2011 Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She’s also a recipient of a grant from the Elizabeth George Foundation. Her work has appeared in Glimmer Train, Mid-American Review, and Opium. Lydia is publishing her debut novel “Lights All Night Long” in 2019.

Samuel François-Steininger


Samuel François-Steininger is the CEO of Composite Films, a production studio that specializes in the colorization and restoration of archive footage, the production of live action and animation films and the creation of new documentary content. Composite Films restored and colorized footage for Raoul Peck’s I’m not your Negro (2016), which was nominated at the 89th Academy Awards for Best Documentary. Samuel also produced To Build a Fire, an animated short film that has been screened at more than 130 festivals and has won 20 awards, including Grand Prize Winner Best Animated Short Film at Flickers Rhode Island 2016.

Matia Karrell

Executive Producer

Matia Karrell wrote, directed, and produced the 1989 Academy Award Nominated short film, “Cadillac Dreams”. In 2001, she directed, co-wrote and co-produced her first feature length film, “Behind The Red Door” that premiered on Showtime, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Kyra Sedgwick and Stockard Channing. Ms. Karrell is a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Paris. She was awarded the prestigious John Wells Directing Fellowship and the ABC/Disney Directing Fellowship.



Written, Produced and Directed by Fabrice Joubert

In Coproduction with Composite Films

Based upon a short story by Lydia Fitzpatrick

Starring Rob Nagle, Garrison Griffith, Gattlin Griffith and Marie Mouté

Producer Samuel François-Steininger

Executive Producers Matia Karrell, Jonathan Gardner, Ricki Maslar

Co-Producer Michael Caradonna

Associate Producer Jean Kim

Director of Photography Pavel Brenner

Production Designer Dara Waxman

Edited by Lisa Shaw Phillips

Costume Designer Jennifer Ingram

Original Music Composed and Conducted by Mathieu Alvado

Casting by Ricki Maslar

short film / drama / 14 minutes / color / 2019