“ In the gym, the children are stretching in rows. Their arms are over their heads, their right elbows cupped in left palms.

Class is almost over, and this is the wind-down — that is what the gym teacher calls it. ”

SAFETY by Lydia Fitzpatrick


Easter Moon Films and Composite Films present


short film / drama / 14 minutes / color / 2019

Written, Produced and Directed by Fabrice Joubert

In Coproduction with Composite Films

Based upon a short story by Lydia Fitzpatrick

Starring Rob Nagle, Garrison Griffith, Gattlin Griffith and Marie Mouté

Producer Samuel François-Steininger

Executive Producers Matia Karrell, Jonathan Gardner, Ricki Maslar

Co-Producer Michael Caradonna

Associate Producer Jean Kim

Director of Photography Pavel Brenner

Production Designer Dara Waxman

Edited by Lisa Shaw Phillips

Costume Designer Jennifer Ingram

Original Music Composed and Conducted by Mathieu Alvado

Casting by Ricki Maslar